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Straightening Hair – Permanent and Temporary

By Olivia |

Achieving a sleek, smooth hairstyle is easier than ever these days — even us curly girls with the most unruly of manes. If you enjoy stepping in out in swingy, straight locks, you are probably already a pro at doing your own straightening at home. The problem with this method of hair straightening is that all your hard work can go to waste if the weather isn’t just right. A little heat, a little humidity and you can practically feel your hair start to fluff up on its way to a frizz out. Not fun. Or pretty. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can choose a hair straightening treatment that will relieve you from fretting about the frizzies while giving you gorgeous, glossy hair.

Permanent Hair Straightening

Possibly the most popular permanent method is the Japanese straightener. Introduced in the 1990s, it became a sensation with its pin-straight results — for a price. At the time, $1,000 was not unheard of. Fortunately, cost has come down, but still expect to pay in the $500 and up range. You will want to find a qualified and experienced stylist as this method, like many other hair treatments, can go wrong. This method is ideal for women with healthy hair that is unprocessed in any way. Colored hair can be OK, but the stylist will tell you for sure after examining your hair. This is important because doing this procedure on less-than-ideal hair can result in hair that looks dry and damaged and breaks off easily. Japanese straightening works by breaking down the hair’s hydrogen bonds to release its natural tendency to curl. At this point, the hair is very fragile, so you definitely want someone who knows what she’s doing dealing with your hair. It is then restructured (or retextured, it’s sometimes called) to be straight by use of another solution and a flat iron. Hair is pin straight, shiny and scoffs at damp, humid air. It will last as long as you have that hair (that is, until you cut off the straightened part). But to maintain it, you will have to have the new growth retouched. And even though only the roots are processed, it will cost the same as getting the entire head done, so keep that in mind before deciding on this method of chemical hair straightening.

Temporary Hair Straightening

Of course, what you do at home already is temporary. But there is a temporary chemical straightener that will make your life a lot easier — the Brazilian keratin treatment. What’s great about this method is that underneath the keratin coating, your hair is left unchanged. It is also suitable for almost anyone, even women with damaged, over-processed, previously relaxed, bleached out hair. In fact, the keratin repairs damage while eliminating frizz. It will take a few hours at the salon, probably about three hours on average if you have long curly hair, and cost about $300 and up. But you will leave the salon with smooth, straight, silky tresses that defy humid conditions. You will still have to whip out your flat iron to get a straight look as the keratin hair treatment leaves a wave in your hair and sometimes a curl, depending on your hair type. But it will take you a fraction of the time and you won’t have to worry about the weather. Your hair will also be stronger — so you may find it reaches new lengths! As a temporary procedure, your hair will return to its old self when the keratin coating wears off in about three to four months.

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