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Permanent Hair Removal – Choosing Between Laser and Electrolysis

By Tamryn |

SO you’ve had it with shaving and waxing and plucking and want to get rid of unwanted hair for good. Permanent hair removal just might be the answer.

What is Permanent Hair Removal?

There are various methods of permanent hair removal that work with varying success. However, no matter what the method – and despite the term – permanent hair removal is not, in fact, permanent!

Typically, if after the appropriate number of sessions you are free of unwanted hair for a year, that is considered a good result. While not perfect, a whole year of not worrying about shaving or waxing, or having to spend the time to do it, is pretty appealing.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

You have several options if you want to remove hair permanently. There is electrolysis hair removal, which has been around for a long time, relatively speaking. In this procedure, a tiny electrified needle is inserted into the hair follicle in order to impair the growth of new hair. There are two types: galvanic electrolysis, which damages the follicle chemically, and thermolytic electrolysis, which uses heat to damage the follicle. Some permanent hair removal centers combine the two methods. If you have very fine hair or light-colored hair, this is the choice for you – it’s the only permanent method that works on those types.

Another option for unwanted hair growth is laser hair removal. In this case, an intense, pulsating laser beam targets dark areas under the skin, which tend to be hair follicles. The cells that grow hair are destroyed when the laser’s heat makes contact. This method is most effective on patients with dark hair and light skin since the laser singles out dark areas.

Lastly, there is flashlamp hair removal. Also called IPL hair removal – Intense Pulsed Light – this option is very similar to laser hair treatment. Like a laser it fixes on dark areas. But instead of a specific wavelength, it uses full-spectrum light and can cover a larger area than a laser.

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Permanent Hair Removal Negatives

Tossing your razor or saying goodbye to your wax girl is not without some negatives. All methods require several hair removal treatments for the best results and that can add up in cost. All can cause discomfort or pain during the session. While complications are rare, there is a very small chance of suffering skin discoloration, scarring, burns, blistering or infection.

So if you are still interested in permanent hair removal, do your homework. Ask your friends for recommendations, look into hair removal cost and get a consultation first before you commit.

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