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Permanent Hair Removal Products

By Olivia |

It is so often the case we don’t have enough hair where we really want it and too much hair where we definitely don’t want it. Women often suffer with excess hair on their upper lip and/ or chin and even forearms. Men’s problem hairy areas tend to be their backs and buttocks, nose and ears. The typical remedy is to wax the areas, which offers better results than shaving, but ouch! And a few weeks later you have to subject yourself to the pain all over again. Who wants that? Permanent hair removal products offer the best solution of all.

Permanent Hair Removal Products

For the most part, truly permanent hair removal products are available only to specialists. So this means you will have to go through the process of having your unwanted hair permanently removed over time, since none can achieve the smooth appearance you desire in just one go.

Electrolysis is the oldest of permanent hair removal products, having been invented in 1875, initially for the treatment of ingrown eyelashes. Electrolysis hair removal is the only technique the Food and Drug Administration has approved for the permanent removal of hair. This method requires many sessions and is best for smaller areas, such as the face, underarm, eyebrows, breasts, bikini area, fingers, toes, neck, shoulders, cheekbones, and so on, because the technique calls for an electrified needle being inserted into each offending hair follicle individually. Very labor intensive. And while there are now electrolysis kits that claim to offer permanent hair removal at home, the procedure is the same: a tiny metal probe inserted into each follicle. There is the possibility of scarring if you don’t do it right. So if you decide to buy a home electrolysis kit, follow the instructions to the letter, take extra care when using it and try it first on discreet areas before attempting to remove facial hair.

Lasers are a relatively recent introduction in the permanent hair removal products industry. The big benefit of lasers vs electrolysis is that it treats larger areas. Permanent is a bit misleading in the case of laser hair removal because the hair will grow back. It may return thinner and lighter, perhaps, but it will return eventually. Still, you can forget about frequent shaving and waxing for a while and for many people laser hair removal cost is well worth it.

Another weapon in the arsenal of permanent hair removal products is the topical cream Vaniqa. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to reduce and eliminate facial hair. It has not been found to be effective in other areas. And in order to maintain the results, you must continue to use the cream twice a day, otherwise hair growth will resume. Vaniqa is available by prescription only, so if this sounds like an option you want to try, you will need to see a dermatologist.

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