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Hair Loss Breakthrough – Blocking Enzymes In Follicles Makes Hair Grow

By Olivia |

Science Takes a Major Step in Potential Hair Loss Cure

balding womanBlocking certain enzymes in follicles restores hair growth, reveals a new study by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center.

Best of all, these drugs are already on the market and FDA approved.

These drugs inhibit a group of enzymes called Janus kinese or JAK. One, ruxolitinib, is approved for treatment of blood diseases and the other, tofacitinib, for rheumatoid arthritis.

Angela M. Christiano, PhD, and colleagues at Columbia University have been testing these drugs to treat alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own hair follicles believing them to be invaders. This condition can go into remission or, in rare cases, it can spread to the entire scalp or the entire body.

When given internally to mice JAK inhibitors shut off the autoimmune response that attacked hair. But the researches found that applying the drugs topically affected hair follicles dramatically.

“The hair that came in came in beautifully and in a few weeks and very thickly,” Christiano said.

mice hair

Within 3 weeks, mice that had topical ruxolitinib or tofacitinib applied to their right sides had regrown nearly all their hair. In the same timeframe, the control mice (left) had little to no hair growth. – Columbia University Medical Center

JAK enzymes put hair into the telogen or “resting” phase. The inhibitors allow hair to get back into the growth phase.

“Male pattern hair loss follicles are stuck in the same state where these drugs seem to work,” Christiano said.

Because they suppress immune system, it could be risky to administer the drug for a cosmetic issue. But using the drugs topically would be much safer.

Watch Christiano talk about the study and its findings in the video below.

Credits: Columbia University Medical CenterNBC News

While we wait for enzyme blockers for hair to come to market, read up on a readily available hair remedy.

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Men Are Feeling Blue! … And Green And Purple And …

By Olivia |

What Do You Make of The Merman Hair Trend? Is It Terrible or To ‘Dye’ For?

Move over, ladies! Men — or rather, mermen — are taking their seats at salons everywhere to transform their blah blond or brunet locks into vibrant hues straight out of the bottom of the sea … or a Disney cartoon!

Whatever you make of mermen, they’re making a splash with flashy hair color.

blue merman hair pale green beard

Source: TylerDeanKing


red green yellow merman



purple hair green red beard merman

Source: Thomas Bird


turquoise merman

Source: fest300


green merman with curls

Source: imogenrichardss


purple flowers in his beard merman



blue red merman hair and beard


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These ‘Dos Are Definite ‘Scene’ Stealers

By Mandi |

You’re bubbly, fun, self-confident. Your upbeat personality always steals the scene.

Do you have the scene hair to go with it?

Scene hair is as big, bold and fun as you are. And talk about versatile, it wouldn’t be scene hair if it looked like everyone else’s! Dark hair, light hair, pink hair, blue hair, short hair, long hair, it can all be scene hair – if you do it right.

Ready to be a scene-stealer? Read on.

Scene Haircut

It all starts with a scene haircut. You don’t want to skimp on this. Not that you have pay $200 for a trendy cut, but do skip the bottom-basement, factory-line chop shops. Scene hairstyles are more complicated than it might appear at first glance – lots of layers, angles and texture. In the wrong hands, you might look like a lawnmower ran over your head! While in some scenes that might not actually be a bad thing, scope out a hip salon. Get a free consultation, and show the stylist pictures of some scene haircuts you love. You’ll get a good feel as to whether the stylist can deliver.

black scene hair with purple streaks

      Black scene hair pops with purple streaks


Scene Hair Color

Blackest black is the most common base color for all the wild hues in scene hairstyles. White blond is also popular – especially mixed with jet black roots, tips or panels.

But your natural color is cool too. In fact, it’s a great place to start because your scene hair should evolve. Turn your every-girl ‘do into an all-out, eye-popping scene hairstyle in one go, and you risk getting labeled as a poser.

Short Scene Hair

Scene hair is typically straight, but long hair can get away with waves. Short scene hair? Not so much. Get choppy layers, and if your hair isn’t straight, get a quality flatiron (like a NuMe flat iron or a Corioliss flat iron). If you don’t have bangs long enough to cover one eye, get some cute clips to pin what you do have to one side while they grow out. Tease the layers on the top and back as high as you want to take it.

scene hair bow

Awesome scene hair style – bleached, black underneath, pinned up
and finished off with a cute bow

Long Scene Hair

It’s just like short scene hair with lots of short, choppy layers, straightened and teased, only it’s long. If your hair is, say, chin length, you can achieve long scene hair with extensions. You can have wavy tendrils and straight, spiked and poofed up layers on top, or go all over wavy.

rainbow scene hair

Colorful scene hair – like a neon rainbow


Scene Hair Accessory Kit

Here are the basic scene hair products you’ll need:

* Flatiron (if needed), fine-tooth comb/teasing comb, brush

* Hair product of choice: gel, wax, pomade, paste

* Hairspray – and lots of it! Aerosol works best.

* Clip-on hair extensions

Adding chunks of color to your hair is key to the scene hair look. But this can not only get expensive, it’s extremely damaging to your hair. So instead, you can go for clip on hair extensions. They’re cheap, come in cool colors and are literally a snap to use.

Feeling blue in the morning? Clip on a cobalt streak or two. And if you’re bored with that by nightfall, you can rock out a red panel in minutes. The bolder the better – you can’t go wrong with neon hues. But you’ll make a scene even with a deep and moody maroon. In terms of scene hair color, anything goes. And if you have fine hair, clip on hair extensions can also give you more volume to really get the look.

* Hair accessories

Scene hair has common threads, but to really make it work, you have to be unique, you have to make the your own. Stock up on cute clips, darling bows and headbands, edgy bandanas, sweet barrettes and ribbons, the more fanciful the better, even fluffy animal ears. The last thing you want to do is imitate someone else’s look. Can you say “poser”? 😉

What’s your favorite scene hair look?

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