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Turning on the Turquoise!

By Olivia |

Make ’em (blue-)green with envy!

If you were to pick just one color for a simpler take on mermaid hair, you can’t go wrong with turquoise. It’s bright, bold, but also oh so pretty. Accessorize with cute contrasting bows, elaborate hair jewelry, a band of little blooms or nothing at all. (Looks great on nails, too!)

turquoise hair

Image: Dazzle My Hair

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Pretty in Pink-and-Purple Hair

By Olivia |

Talk about tickled pink!

To some this color combo might seem a bit prissy, but we think pink-and-purple hair is pretty awesome.

Scroll down to check out the latest pink-and-purple looks.

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pink and purple hair

Image: sandy_hairs

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Pumpkin Spice Hair – It’s Officially A Thing!

By Olivia |

It had to happen.

Now, to go along with your pumpkin spice coffee, beer, vodka, cake, candles, soap, shampoo, dog treats (wha?!), pasta sauce (double wha?!), and every other new pumpkin spice flavored/scented/colored thing under the sun, hit up your stylist for some pumpkin spice hair.

It’s the latest color trend and it’s gorgeous. Your hair won’t smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove — unless you want it to! — but it will glow with rich copper tones that’s a treat for the eyes.

Scroll down for a few examples of #pumpkinspicehair. (You know something’s for real when it’s got a hashtag.) And don’t forget to thank Starbucks.*

pumpkinhair sofe

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pumpkinhair rehabhair

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pumpkinhair londaprof

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pumpkinhair josephk

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pumpkinhair studiome

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*Some trace — blame? — the start of the pumpkin spice craze to Starbuck’s introduction of the pumpkin spice latte in 2003.

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