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Natural Hair Loss Treatment

By Olivia |

Poor nutrition and deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals may be contributing to your losing your hair. In this article you will learn about natural hair loss treatments you can start using today to curb your follicular fall out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Corioliss Flat Irons

By Mandi |

Corioliss hasn’t been around that long, since 2002. But based on many Corioliss flat iron reviews and the awards it’s won, the UK company seems to have made a positive impact on the hair technology world. In fact, in an interview last year Michelle Obama’s hairstylist, Johnny Wright, says he’s “in love with the Corioliss flat iron” with titanium plates.


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When choosing to buy a flat iron, be it made by Corioliss or another company, consider your hair type, the type of style you’re after, the flat iron’s features and, of course, your budget. After all, you can spend $800 on a flat iron – a Corioliss flat iron, in fact – but you probably don’t need to. (I kid you not – check it out here.)

Do you want ceramic or titanium, negative ion or infrared? What size do you need? If your hair is long and all you’re going to do is a perfectly straight look from roots to ends, a wider plate might make more sense. If your hair is short or you have bangs, a slimmer model will make styling easier. If you like to rock curls once in a while, some irons are designed to do both.

Variable temperature is another thing you want to look for. This is especially important if your hair is on the fine side, which is more prone to damage and breakage. For fine hair use the lowest temperature setting that gives you the results you want.

Corioliss says the titanium plates on Corioliss flat irons are 10 times smoother than others, and that this characteristic means less damage to your strands. Other benefits the company claims are that the irons heat up more efficiently and transfer that heat to the hair more efficiently so that your hair gets straight faster and with fewer passes.

Corioliss Flat Irons:

As of this writing, the line up of Corioliss flat irons is as follows:

Corioliss flat iron reviews

Here are just a few Corioliss flat iron reviews:

I bought this flat iron 2 years ago and it still works perfectly! It has improved the feeling of my hair and doesn’t damage it like other flat irons do! I recommend this to everyone!!! – S., Calif. (Classic)

Love the iron for styling, it’s the best one I have ever owned and I am almost 50 yrs old. (But) I hate that it has no auto shut-off. – T. S., Minn. (Classic)

4 stars – I have to say that it definitely works best on my hair when it’s damp all over. If it is wet/damp completely, the finished product is sleek and straight. Once my hair starts to dry a little before using the Corioliss, the finished product can be a little frizzy…. You have to start with wet hair all over and you need heat treating products if you want silky hair. – S. S. (Wet to Dry)

This is the best brand available used by professionals at their salons. Tourmaline makes the difference and is by far superior than just ceramic plates. This is the same flat iron sold at shopping malls for $150. I got it as a birthday present and is the best gift I’ve ever received since now I can save a lot of money having salon style hair done at home! – S. S., Fla. (Profix)

For results, I think Corioliss has really perfected their plates in heat stability. I have very long hair and I have no trouble straightening all of it in under 20 minutes. I also get very nice curls with this iron because of the ultra slim plates. I can really tailor to the exact curl size I want. Two thumbs up for Corioliss! – H. A., Calif. (C2)

Do you have one of these babies in your hair-styling tool kit? If so, drop us a line and leave your Corioliss flat iron reviews below.

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Lace Front Wigs

By Olivia |

For some people dealing with hair loss and seeking natural hair restoration options, lace front wigs can be great solutions.

Lace Front Wigs – What Are They?

A lace front wig – this is not your father’s toupee (all due respect to the now defunct Oldsmobile)! The lace in lace front wigs refers to the base on to which the replacement hair is attached. These bases are so thin and fine that they achieve a completely natural look at the hairline, the area that is often a dead giveaway for a toupee. Lace wigs are the top of the line in hair replacement technology today. They are not to be confused with “fine mono” bases or “mesh” bases. You want to look for “French lace” base wigs or “super fine Swiss” lace wigs. These are more flexible and softer than mesh that actually looks more the material you find on window screens! The lace is super thin and after you adhere it and the natural oils in your scalp blend with it, it appears as if the hair is growing out of your head. It appears this way to others – and yourself! Fine lace wigs will provide you with an airy sensation, as if you were wearing nothing at all. How wonderful to feel a gentle breeze caressing your scalp instead of your head sweating under a heavy, plasticky wig base!

Lace Front Wigs – How Long Do They Last?

All wigs or hair pieces must be properly cared for in order to have the best results in terms of use and longevity. There are a number of factors that will determine how long your particular lace front wig will last, such as how often you wash it, your lifestyle (do you swim in chlorinated water a lot, for instance), the hardness of the water where you live, the products you use to style it, how rough or gentle you are with it, and so on. Some people can wear out a lace wig in a month while others can stretch out theirs for a year. But the average person will need three to four replacements a year.

Lace Front Wigs Options

The majority of people who would benefit from a lace front wig will need a hairpiece to cover just the top of the head, so it is important to choose a company who uses high quality genuine human hair and are able to match color and texture with your own remaining hair. TopLace wigs is one such company who not only use Remy hair, oft considered the top of the line in replacement hair, but are also very reasonable in price. Lace front wigs can also be ordered to replace hair all over for the person who is completely bald. All lace wigs must be adhered to the head with glue. Don’t despair! Once you get used to it, which should take no time at all, we at How to Grow Hair assure, you will be able to attach your hair piece with ease in just minutes and be assured no one will be able to tell – not even your hair dresser!

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