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Neem Oil For Hair Growth

By Olivia |

One of the many benefits of neem oil is its positive effects on hair. Neem hair oil has been used for countless years to strengthen the keratin in hair, prevent premature graying and, yes, even regrow hair.

As with any purported hair growth product, you are probably wondering if it works. Yes. Will it work for you? Quite likely, but then again, it may not. That is true of everything, and we just want to remind you of that.

However, this short post was inspired by mom. She began using this neem hair care product about a month ago. She has fine hair and constantly complains about it falling out although it still looks like quite the mop to me. But her eyelashes are sparse, and so after making sure it was safe to use around the eyes, I suggested she try a drop of the neem oil for hair along her lash line. I haven’t actually heard anyone use neem this way, but I figured it can’t hurt and can only help. Also, neem oil is highly moisturizing so even if it doesn’t help grow eyelashes or strengthen eyelashes, it will act as an anti-aging product.

But mother has been obsessed with her sparse eyebrows as long as I can remember. She told me that as a young woman she hated plucking her eyebrows because it hurt and made her sneeze, so when a hair removal cream came on the market, she eagerly tried it. Suffice it to say she didn’t have to pluck her eyebrows anymore. They don’t look terrible at all, but they are a little short. She regrets having lost the hair near the outer corner of her eyes. I told her I doubted very much that the neem oil could help an area that must have been damaged by the depilatory cream more than 30 years ago.

Well, she ignored me and began applying a little neem oil to the sparse edges of her eyebrows every day. A few days ago, she calls me all excited to say she has little hairs growing. I couldn’t believe it, and she’s thrilled. No word yet on any improvement growing eyelashes, but I’m not even sure she’s using it there yet. I keep forgetting to apply it to my eyelashes, but no more. If the neem oil triggered hair growth on an area that was damaged enough to stop growing hair years ago, I think it must do some good for my lashes which are simply skimpy. I’ll keep you posted!

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