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Laser Hair Removal Cost

By Tamryn |

When choosing a permanent hair removal method, price will probably play a significant role in making the decision, especially considering that you need multiple sessions to achieve the smooth skin results you want. It can get expensive. While prices will vary depending on a number of different factors, check out typical laser hair removal cost below.

The minimum laser hair removal cost per session is likely to be no less than $150. That would be a typical price for treating the upper lip area, for instance. Chin or beard area will be in the $200 to $300 range. Hands, feet, underarms and neck can run about $250 to $350 a session. The upper arms, lower arms, bikini area starts about $350 a session to about $500. Stomach, shoulders, lower back will cost roughly $400 to $500 per treatment. Upper back, lower legs, thighs are often the priciest, starting at about $500 to $600 a session and going higher from there. In the United States, the average price of laser treatments is $429 a session, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

As mentioned earlier, a number of factors play into laser hair removal cost. These include your geographic location, the particular clinic or doctor you choose, the size of the area to be treated, and what type of fee schedule is offered. Some places offer a flat rate fee, while others may charge a set price per hour (or fraction of an hour). There is also a price per pulse (laser pulse) that you may come across, but with a minimum fee.

Plan on needing four to six sessions to remove your unwanted hair and dramatically reduce hair growth, but you might need more than that. Many places will offer discounts if you buy several sessions at once, or package deals, that will reduce your laser hair removal cost.

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