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Keratin Hair Treatment You Do Yourself At Home

By Olivia |

It’s that time of year again. It’s hot, humid and soon rain will start falling every afternoon; you can almost set your clock by it. Forget spring cleaning — it’s time to do my hair! As in, give it another keratin hair treatment and keep the frizzies at bay.

A long while back, me and my long curly hair were treated to a free Brazilian keratin straightening. That was the best summer of my life. My newly smooth, silky locks went outdoors without fear and stayed frizz-free. Even in a slight drizzle, my mane didn’t fluff up. Pre-Brazilian, these acts were unthinkable unless I was willing to look like a walking Brillo pad. It’s like my strands wore a suit of armor. And as a manner of speaking, they did.

This time, however, I’m embracing my new-found love of DIY, which has been to tackle all sorts of home projects, and doing a keratin hair treatment myself. After all, since writing about my first Brazilian blowout, the market has been inundated with home kits. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there are a few.

I decided to try this product. One, it’s extremely budget-friendly. Two, my cousin in New York tried it on her long, curly, frizz-prone hair and loved it.

The method of this keratin hair treatment is very much like the Brazilian I got in a salon, that is, sealing in the product by passing a superhot flat iron through small sections of hair five to ten times. So I knew it was going to be tedious, but you cannot beat the price. Also like the salon treatment, this made my eyes burn and gave me a headache, but I think you can avoid that with proper ventilation, which I did not have. It was way too hot and steamy to open the windows, so I just put the ceiling fan on high and hoped for the best. Let’s just say I won’t do that again.

But it’s done. My hair looks and feels greasy, but I think I used too much of the product. I had that feeling when I was slopping it on my hair. Now begins the torture of not being able to tie my hair up or put it behind my ears even for 48 hours. I’m hoping that when I finally get to wash it out with this and this that this DIY keratin hair treatment will have been well worth it. I’ll keep you posted!


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One Response to “Keratin Hair Treatment You Do Yourself At Home”

  1. Keratin Says:
    June 11th, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    This treatment is very good as it makes my hair free from dryness and frizz free.