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Thinning Hair: How to Care for It in 5 (and a Half) Easy Steps

By Olivia |

THERE are probably as many causes for thinning hair as there are people on the planet. But the most common are sickness, poor nutrition, medication, over-processing and genes. While you are taking care of any issues you do have control over, you can follow these tips to care for the hair you’ve got.

1. Pump Up the Volume

Use lightweight hair products made specifically for volumizing. Mousse is commonly used for creating volume, but there are also volumizing sprays and even powders. You want to focus the product at the roots to create lift when you style it. A round brush is great for keeping hair taut while you blow dry. Finish with a fine mist of light hairspray. Again, with fine or thinning hair, less is more.

However, watch out for paraffin or beeswax. These tend to build up in hair, which can weigh it down and may even cause breakage in weakened hair.

2. Get Professional Help

No, I don’t mean therapy. Although getting in a good hair stylist’s chair can be like a session on a psychiatrist’s couch. A good stylist can make the most of what you have with a great cut that suits your face, hair and lifestyle. (Yes, lifestyle – if your mane man doesn’t ask about your routine, your job, your life, you may end up with a great look you won’t be able to or have time to replicate at home.)

Woman Having Her Hair Styled at Hair Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue

3. Color Me Beautiful

Your wonderful new stylist can recommend hair color treatment that is right for you. First of all, coloring adds body and volume. Second, changing your color or varying the color, as in with highlights or lowlights, can give the illusion of more hair.

If your hair is in good condition, you can most likely go with permanent color. If it is damaged, a demi-permanent color is your best bet. It has the lowest level of peroxide – this is the stuff that can do a number on your hair over time – and some brands have no peroxide whatsoever.

4. Do the Wave

Thought we left perms in the Eighties? Well, it may be your thinning hair’s best weapon. That great stylist of yours can tell you for sure, but a gentle body wave – that is, larger curls – can help build volume and make your hair easier to style and manage.

5. Lather, Rinse, Repeat

There are trendy products out there to create looks variably called beach hair or second-day hair. Basically, we’re talking dirty hair. These are not for you. You want trendy, you have other options.

The important thing here to note is that fine hair requires more frequent shampooing. Use a volumizing shampoo – again, focusing your efforts at the roots, because that’s where oil from your scalp and residue from your styling products are lurking. Follow with a lightweight conditioner made for fine, thin hair, but only at the ends.

And while you’re at it, give your whole scalp a massage with your fingertips. (This is the half step!) Massage increases blood flow, and this stimulation will make your hair follicles very happy. Well-fed follicles are more apt to grow hair faster.




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