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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Women Claim WEN Hair Care Causes Hair Loss

By Olivia |

The popular and celebrity-hawked WEN hair care line has been slapped with a class action lawsuit. More than 200 women in 40 states are claiming that the products have caused rashes, scalp irritations, and, worst of all, hair to fall out in clumps.

One woman posted a shocking image (below) of her hair loss on WEN’s Facebook page, claiming the products are to blame for her bald spots. She wrote that she’s depressed and cries when she looks in the mirror, and is forced to wear a baseball cap when she goes out.

wen hair loss

Sadly, she’s not alone.

The products, created by hairstylist to the stars Chaz Dean and sold on QVC, Amazon and Sephora, have garnered mixed reviews over the years, many favorable. But several recent reviews on Sephora’s website are positively hair raising. Here are just two.

One woman wrote:

“I had been interested in Wen hair care for a while, because of the amazing shows/commercials. I have been using the conditioner for about two months. My hair started to fall out, and I wasn’t sure why. I would see huge clumps in the drain, strands on my clothes, and I could just pull a handful of strands out of my ends. If you look at my hair, the hair loss is not visible, but I see it fall out everyday. The only thing that had changed was the Wen conditioner, and another Wen styling product. This conditioner makes my hair incredibly soft, but it’s not worth it! I recently found out that lots of people have reported hair loss! This is not a coincidence! Don’t take a chance! Do not buy this product!”

Another woman had this to say:

“I was introduced to this product a couple of years ago and thought it was the most revolutionary product I had ever used. However, for the past year I have been loosing my hair at an alarming rate. I can’t be 100% sure it is the Wen Product but let me tell you my hair is falling out by the handfuls!”

WEN has been the subject of lawsuits before, but the size of this latest lawsuit has brought users’ hair loss claims back into the spotlight. Of the 40 states represented in the lawsuit, Texas has the largest number of victims and these include children!

Amy Davis, lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the case, told CBS, “That’s the saddest part for me. The kiddos we represent have lost nearly all of their hair.” Regarding her clients’ hair, Davis added, “It looked like they had a weed-whacker taken to their head.”

The hair care company denies the allegations. WEN, which is marketed by Guthy-Renker, also named in the lawsuit, promises to add shine, softness, bounce, and, ironically, body and thickness to fine hair. The hair care line over the years has been endorsed by celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Alyssa Milano, and Angie Harmon.

What’s possibly at the root of the problem is the products’ consistency and that they contain almost no cleanser, says Davis. “It’s like using lotion to wash your hair, so instead of removing the product, when you rinse it off, it just becomes impacted in your hair follicle.”

Although the beauty brand is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating, there have been more than 750 complaints in the last three years, including 268 this year. Many are regarding issues with billing and auto shipments that continue to be charged and sent after customer’s have canceled. But some, such as this one, are about hair loss:


Complaints about hair breakage and loss have also been posted on YouTube, Amazon, and other consumer sites.

Source: CBS, Better Business Bureau, Daily Beast


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2 Responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Women Claim WEN Hair Care Causes Hair Loss”

  1. Eleesa Says:
    May 15th, 2016 at 11:27 am

    I was a devoted WEN user. I had so much hair loss and at times it was worse than others. I took a hairbrush (after two days of brushing my hair gently) to my doctor and he thought it was a wig I was holding. Labs showed nothing that would explain the loss. But I kept using the product. A cousin asked me if I thought it could be WEN. I watched a QVC segment with Chaz Dean. He was bragging how “no soap had touched his body for years”. I began to think. Wow, he is using people like me to become rich and “not use soap on his body for years.” I began to feel like a fool. I actually cried my eyes out, and started searched the internet. I stopped that day using WEN. Two weeks later, I felt little stubbles of hair trying to poke though my scalp. I waited another week and even more come back. Now, I have much less hair loss in my brush every day and I am using less drain cleaner. I truly wanted to believe it wasn’t so. That was my one true luxury I gave myself and did not want to give it up. I called QVC and sent back bottles of WEN. I will see if they will reimburse me. It is distressing to lose hair for “no reason” but now I know the reason.

  2. Olivia Says:
    May 16th, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    So sorry you went through this Eleesa!!! As you said, at least you finally learned the reason — so many people are not able to pinpoint the cause which only adds to the misery. Best of all, your hair is coming back. That’s great news!!! I’m sure you can find another luxury item with which to treat yourself. We all deserve a little pampering. : )