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Hair Loss Remedy

By Olivia |

For people dealing with hair loss the foremost thing on their minds has to be figuring out how to grow hair back. Throughout history one hair loss remedy after another has been imagined and devised to stop, or even reverse, the unhappy shedding of hair. For the most part, these so-called hair loss cures, which often involved bizarre ingredients from boiled scorpions to urine and worse, only added insult to injury. They didn’t work, and you ended up looking or smelling pretty bad.

Hair Loss – You Are Not Alone

These days about 65 percent of all men and 25 percent of all women are affected by hair loss. This can be devastating. For good or bad, society in general is hooked on physical appearance and hair is a person’s crowning glory. This is especially true for women, of course, but thinning hair is difficult for men too and can affect their self-confidence, and personal and professional lives.

There are many reasons why we start to lose our hair. But they can be grouped into two categories – genetics and everything else. Genetic hair loss is self-explanatory; everything else includes stress, illness, hormone imbalance, side effect of medication, infection and more.

The most important thing to do when faced with hair loss is to determine the cause. Only then can you make an educated choice about a hair loss remedy. Avoid self diagnosing – see your doctor because sometimes serious medical conditions can be the cause of the fall-out. You can also consult a trichologist, which is a hair and scalp specialist but not a medical doctor.

Finding the Best Hair Loss Remedy

The best hair loss remedy is going to be the one that addresses the exact cause of your problem. Often people will try something, find that it doesn’t work, and after being frustrated and disappointed, condemn it as a scam, when in fact it does work – on someone with a different type of hair loss. This is why getting a professional answer to the question “why am I losing my hair?” is key.

For men suffering from male pattern baldness Propecia is now considered the “first-line” treatment. That is to say, it is the therapy recommended to treat the initial appearance of a disease, in this case male pattern baldness. Propecia is one of only two drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration for its treatment. The other, Rogaine (minoxidil), may be used as an additional therapy alongside the Propecia (finasteride) after a year. Male pattern baldness has the best chance of being stopped or slowed down when treatment starts in its early stages, when hair begins to recede.

Hair loss in women is more difficult to treat as there can be so many different causes that it is difficult to pinpoint which one is the culprit. And often women are too embarrassed or ashamed of losing their hair to seek help. Women don’t as yet have a magic hair-growing drug – Propecia shouldn’t even be handled by a woman let alone taken by one; it’s exclusively for men. But there is Rogaine for women. As in Rogaine for men, it is a topical treatment that can be quite effective, but in order to maintain any hair regrowth, it must be used regularly. Hair implants can be an option for many balding men, but only a tiny percentage of women will be good candidates. Other possible hair loss remedies are hormone replacement therapy and steroids. Again, proper diagnosis is of the utmost important in treating hair loss in women.

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