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Hair Conditioner

By Olivia |

HAIR conditioner is, as its name clearly states, a product designed to improve the condition of hair. Sounds so simple. So why isn’t it?

We’ve all been there: facing a wall – or two or three – of perfectly lined bottles, each promising to leave our locks more beautiful than ever, and been overwhelmed by the mind-boggling number of choices.

What’s a girl to do?

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If she’s like me, she’s realized she spent her entire lunch hour reading labels and in frustration – and hunger – grabs the curvy periwinkle bottle of conditioner because it coordinates with the shower curtain. Or she finally stops swatting away the pesky salesperson and tries the first one she suggests. Or she picks up the usual stuff despite its mediocre results, deciding to switch brands after doing more research, which she’ll likely never do. Two months later, she’s back at the wall and it’s deja vu all over again. Rinse and repeat.

What to choose

Most of us have several hair issues; most conditioners will treat only one or two of them. How to Grow Hair believes your best chance for a happy result will be to determine which problem is the absolute most important one and seek out a solution for it.

Dry hair

All the things we do for beauty’s sake – like blow drying, perming, straightening, highlighting and coloring – often strip our hair of moisture, leaving it dull and dry. Go for a heavy-duty moisturizer that contains humectants, which attract water from the air and bond it to your hair.

Damaged hair

A strand of damaged hair is like a road riddled with potholes. And because human hair is made almost entirely of a protein called keratin, a product for damaged hair will be high in protein – the idea being to penetrated deep into the shaft to rebuild it and pave the way to healthy hair.

Fine, tangly hair

This hair type will benefit from a detangler. These are lightweight and typically have acidic ingredients to close the cuticle, leaving a smooth surface and thereby reducing tangles (and creating shine). Some also coat the hair and provide what’s called slip.

Color-treated hair

If maintaining your pricy salon color is key, seek out a conditioner that is specifically for color-treated hair. It will often be an acidifiers as well because a closed cuticle will help keep the pigment from falling out.

Heat-styled hair

There are now many conditioners with thermal protectors to shield your hair from the sizzling heat of today’s styling tools.

Coarse hair

Coarse hair is thick, rough and dry. Look for essential oils to soften coarse hair. These essences best mimic the natural oil the scalp produces called sebum, which protects the scalp and conditions the hair.

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