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Grow Hair Faster

By Olivia |

WAITING for your hair to grow is a little like being eight and wanting to be 18. It is, at root, if you’ll pardon the pun, an exercise in frustration. And if your hair is curly, you may as well forget about it for a while. A long, long while.

That’s because hair grows a measly half inch a month on most of us – except on those rare individuals who have weed gardens for scalps, and, yes, we hate you.

Is there anything we can do to speed things up, move things along, get the show on the road? Going back to the weed garden idea, your hair is very much like a lawn. The right care and conditions and out spring full, healthy shoots you and your neighbors will admire. (Of course, the only thing to admire about weeds is their uncanny heartiness and growth speed.)

Grow Hair Faster

So first and foremost, eat well. Lots of vitamin- and protein-rich leafy greens and colorful vegetables. (Huh? you ask. Yes, ounce for ounce broccoli and such has far more protein than meat without the fat, cholesterol and calories.) Fill out your plate with beans or lentils and brown rice. Enjoy plenty of fruit. Drink plenty of water. Take high-quality supplements, including vitamins for hair growth.

Be gentle with your hair, especially when wet, when it’s most likely to snap.

Do scalp massage for increased circulation. More blood flow to the area is like a feast for your hair follicles and stimulates hair cells to grow.

If you’re one of those obsessive people who wash their hair every day, stop it! Put down the shampoo. It’ll be OK, honest to goodness, to skip a day. Or two. Over-washing dries out your hair because you’re scrubbing off the natural oils in your scalp that protect it and your tresses. If you work up a serious sweat every day, try thoroughly rinsing your head with just water. And if your hair is still a little whiffy – ask someone you love to do a sniff test; that’s what they’re there for! – then try washing your scalp with hair conditioner instead.

Curly girls, don’t despair – it may seem like your hair is at a stubborn stand-still, but that’s because it’s all wound up. Literally. To measure your progress, and avoid discouragement, stretch your tresses straight and take a mental snapshot of where it falls. Today it might hit your earlobe, a few months from now it might reach your chin. When it’s all coiled up it’s almost impossible to see that kind of growth.

Lastly, while you’re waiting to grow hair faster, keep it looking its best at whatever stage it’s in. That means getting a good cut and going back at the interval your hairdresser recommends so that your style keeps its shape. At the very least, nip those split ends in the bud with a micro-trim – or as my stylist calls it, a “dusting,” whereby there’s no need to even sweep up when you’re done. That’s how to grow hair faster.

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