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She Wraps Her Wet Hair in a T-Shirt and The Result is Amazing

Stop Fighting Those Curls. Tame Them While You Sleep! Curly hair is hard to manage. Those¬†twists and turns typically have a mind of their own, taking off in all different directions and making¬†you want to scream. It’s no wonder many of us blessed (?) with curls give up and give in to hair straightening. But […]

Caring For Long, Curly Hair

LONG, curly hair has its challenges. There are those who have thick, healthy hair that naturally form perfect ringlets, but most curly hair is on the finer side – that is, thin – and what this type forms most naturally are tangles.

New Hair ‘Replacement’ Technique is Getting Lots of Ink

Forget toupees or hair transplants. Today’s balding man has a new option: tattoos. We don’t mean a tribal design or something freaky, although that is, of course, an option. We mean inking the scalp with thousands of tiny “hairs” to make you appear as if you were sporting a buzz cut. A company in the […]

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