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Hair Styles

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Pumpkin Spice Hair – It’s Officially A Thing!

It had to happen. Now, to go along with your pumpkin spice coffee, beer, vodka, cake, candles, soap, shampoo, dog treats (wha?!), pasta sauce (double wha?!), and every other new pumpkin spice flavored/scented/colored thing under the sun, hit up your stylist for some pumpkin spice hair. It’s the latest color trend and it’s gorgeous. Your hair won’t […]

Men Are Feeling Blue! … And Green And Purple And …

What Do You Make of The Merman Hair Trend? Is It Terrible or To ‘Dye’ For? Move over, ladies! Men — or rather, mermen — are taking their seats at salons everywhere to transform their blah blond or brunet locks into vibrant hues straight out of the bottom of the sea … or a Disney cartoon! Whatever you make […]

These ‘Dos Are Definite ‘Scene’ Stealers

You’re bubbly, fun, self-confident. Your upbeat personality always steals the scene. Do you have the scene hair to go with it? Scene hair is as big, bold and fun as you are. And talk about versatile, it wouldn’t be scene hair if it looked like everyone else’s! Dark hair, light hair, pink hair, blue hair, […]

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