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Keratin Hair Treatment You Do Yourself At Home

It’s that time of year again. It’s hot, humid and soon rain will start falling every afternoon; you can almost set your clock by it. Forget spring cleaning — it’s time to do my hair! As in, give it another keratin hair treatment and keep the frizzies at bay. A long while back, me and […]

HSI Flat Iron – Can it Give Higher Priced Hair Tools a Run For the Money?

Just about everyone wants straight hair – it’s a style that never seems to go out of fashion. For some of us, this look comes naturally. For the rest of us, getting sleek straight hair requires some work. A long-lasting solution is permanent hair straightening, such as a chemical relaxer or Japanese straightening. But an […]

Using Hair Chalk

  Want to try hair chalking? Then the first thing you need is to get your hands on some hair chalk. Many hair chalk tutorials¬†demonstrate this popular trend using pastel chalks purchased at art or craft stores. Be sure that you get pastels, not chalkboard chalk or sidewalk chalk and especially not oil-based pastel chalk. […]

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