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Neem Uses and Benefits

If you haven’t heard of neem, you’re not alone. While the South Asian herb has been used for nearly five thousands years, it was fairly unknown to the Western world until the last century. And that is a shame because in ancient India neem was given the name “healer of all ailments.” That’s a pretty […]

Hair Growth Products

Though some people may crack jokes about receding hairlines and bald spots – shame on them! – hair loss is no laughing matter for the person who is going through it. Hair is such a big part of your appearance that when the strands start to go, your can feel as if your femininity or […]

Hair Conditioner

HAIR conditioner is, as its name clearly states, a product designed to improve the condition of hair. Sounds so simple. So why isn’t it? We’ve all been there: facing a wall – or two or three – of perfectly lined bottles, each promising to leave our locks more beautiful than ever, and been overwhelmed by […]

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