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Hair Products

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Provillus For Women

If you are a women experiencing thinning hair, you might have heard of Provillus for Women, a system touted to regrow hair. And maybe you have been wondering if this hair loss remedy is right for you. Is Provillus For Women Right For You?

Permanent Hair Straightening and Alternatives

Straight hair has been “in” for as long as I can remember. Except years ago, achieving the look was far from easy or safe. I remember my mom wrapping her damp hair like a turban around her head with a gazillion bobby pins so that it would dry as smooth as possible. I also remember […]

Hair Straightening Treatment

Last week, I tried an at-home keratin hair treatment. Some time back, I had a Brazilian straightener done professionally and what it did for my frizzy, long, curly hair made me want to weep with joy. I had no illusions that a home product at the fraction of the price would give me the same […]

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