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Neem Oil For Hair – It Strengthens, Nourishes and Helps Regrow Hair

In India, an ancient herb called neem has been used for literally thousands of years to treat practically every ailment or health concern under the sun — including hair loss. Neem is available in a number of different forms from powders and twigs to extracts and oils. It is the neem oil for hair that […]

Hair Bling – Dress Your Tresses with the Latest Hair Jewelry

NOW that you’ve styled your hair to perfection — be it with a Brazilian blowout or by wielding a titanium flat iron — it’s time to add some bling. (If you ask us, it’s always time for bling!) Here are a few of our favorite things.                   […]

Neem Oil For Hair Growth

One of the many benefits of neem oil is its positive effects on hair. Neem hair oil has been used for countless years to strengthen the keratin in hair, prevent premature graying and, yes, even regrow hair.

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