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Hair Loss

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Lace Front Wigs

For some people dealing with hair loss and seeking natural hair restoration options, lace front wigs can be great solutions. Lace Front Wigs – What Are They? A lace front wig – this is not your father’s toupee (all due respect to the now defunct Oldsmobile)! The lace in lace front wigs refers to the […]

Natural Hair Restoration

IT’S dis-tressing to look in the mirror and see your hairline starting to make a fast retreat. But there are natural hair restoration treatments you can try to coax them back. Ideally, the best time to treat hair loss is before it happens! Second best is as soon as you notice that you are suddenly […]

Hair Growth Products

Though some people may crack jokes about receding hairlines and bald spots – shame on them! – hair loss is no laughing matter for the person who is going through it. Hair is such a big part of your appearance that when the strands start to go, your can feel as if your femininity or […]

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