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Hair Loss

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Provillus For Women

If you are a women experiencing thinning hair, you might have heard of Provillus for Women, a system touted to regrow hair. And maybe you have been wondering if this hair loss remedy is right for you. Is Provillus For Women Right For You?

New Hair ‘Replacement’ Technique is Getting Lots of Ink

Forget toupees or hair transplants. Today’s balding man has a new option: tattoos. We don’t mean a tribal design or something freaky, although that is, of course, an option. We mean inking the scalp with thousands of tiny “hairs” to make you appear as if you were sporting a buzz cut. A company in the […]

Biotin – Hair Loss Helper

If you are trying to regrow your hair, biotin may be your best friend. This B vitamin is crucial for the production of hair. And because it is impossible to get the amount of biotin needed for hair growth from food, supplements are the only way to go. As a bonus, taking biotin will also […]

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