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Hair Implantation

Wayne Rooney Has a Second Hair Transplant

You can’t win ’em all. Despite being a major player for years now in the English Premier League’s most successful team, Manchester United, Wayne Rooney just keeps on losing … his hair. The star striker has undergone a second hair transplant in London in as many years, reports say. Rooney, arguably the most well-known English […]

Hair Implantation – What You Need to Know About this Hair Loss Solution

IF you are battling hair loss, you may have considered hair implantation as an option to restoring your lost locks. Here are some things you need to know before deciding if hair implants may be right for you. Modern Hair Implantation Hair implants used to trigger many a bad joke because, frankly, the technology of […]

Hair Plugs Information

Hair loss is a growing concern, affecting two-thirds of all men and about a quarter of all women. This problem can be devastating, affecting the sufferer’s relationships and professional life, as well. So for many one answer may be to try surgical hair restoration. With surgical hair restoration, commonly called hair transplant surgery, grafts,¬†hair implants […]