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Hair Care

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Natural Hair Restoration

IT’S dis-tressing to look in the mirror and see your hairline starting to make a fast retreat. But there are natural hair restoration treatments you can try to coax them back. Ideally, the best time to treat hair loss is before it happens! Second best is as soon as you notice that you are suddenly […]

Best Hair in Soccer

      … Or football, as we say in our house. : ) While Wayne Rooney has had some help maintaining his hair line, these guys have only Mother Nature to thank for their crowning glories.       How Swede it is! Sunderland’s sexy Sebastian Larsson makes all the right moves – and […]

Grow Hair Faster

WAITING for your hair to grow is a little like being eight and wanting to be 18. It is, at root, if you’ll pardon the pun, an exercise in frustration. And if your hair is curly, you may as well forget about it for a while. A long, long while.

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