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Hair Care

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Thinning Hair: How to Care for It in 5 (and a Half) Easy Steps

THERE are probably as many causes for thinning hair as there are people on the planet. But the most common are sickness, poor nutrition, medication, over-processing and genes. While you are taking care of any issues you do have control over, you can follow these tips to care for the hair you’ve got.

No More ‘Poo? Never Wash Your Hair Again!

Here’s a secret shampoo makers don’t want you to know: you can have clean, lustrous and healthy hair without their products. That’s right, whether you’re spending a buck for a cheapy bottle at the drugstore or shelling out $20 or more on high-priced salon stuff, you can save your money thanks to one of your […]

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Poor nutrition and deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals may be contributing to your losing your hair. In this article you will learn about natural hair loss treatments you can start using today to curb your follicular fall out.

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