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Hair Care

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Straightening Hair – Permanent and Temporary

Achieving a sleek, smooth hairstyle is easier than ever these days — even us curly girls with the most unruly of manes. If you enjoy stepping in out in swingy, straight locks, you are probably already a pro at doing your own straightening at home. The problem with this method of hair straightening is that […]

Easy Hair Tips to Get your Best Hair Yet

We want to love our hair, we really do. But sometimes it behaves so badly that we can’t muster more than mere indifference, if not out-and-out hate. Still, whether it’s wild and woolly or limp and lifeless, we are glad it’s there (after all, what’s the alternative? Horrors!), so the thing to do is to […]

Thicker Hair in a Bottle!

Thicker hair in a bottle? That’s the promise of a dietary supplement that’s said to not only increase the diameter of your individual hair shafts but strengthen them too. The secret is silicon. Not silica, not silicone, but silicon. And not any silicon — if you can even find it — but silicon in the […]

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