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Hair Care

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Caring For Long, Curly Hair

LONG, curly hair has its challenges. There are those who have thick, healthy hair that naturally form perfect ringlets, but most curly hair is on the finer side – that is, thin – and what this type forms most naturally are tangles.

Top 10 Herbs and Vitamins For Growing Beautiful Hair – and 2 to Avoid

MOST people don’t eat well enough to nourish their bodies let alone their hair. (Just look around you – or perhaps at your own plate! – if you don’t believe it.) While many factors from medications, aging and the environment can be contributing to lackluster locks, hair problems likely mean your follicles are not getting […]

Tips on How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

My hair struggled to make it to my shoulder blades. It looked terrible, was hard to manage, was dry and dull, tangly and frizzed out. But that was then. Read on to learn how I got my hair to grow faster and longer than I ever had before. I have three tips on how to […]

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