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Seems silly, right? For most of us, all our lives, our hair just grew – no coaxing or begging involved. It sprouted, and we often even complained about how fast we needed yet another hair cut!

Even those who had no reasonable right to lament their locks had hair issues: guys born with a bounty of thick ringlets ashamed of their curls, women blessed with glossy cascades of straight tresses wishing for waves. So hair was shorn, or tortured into twists. Not to mention all the other rigors we put it through. We ironed, bleached, teased, permed, colored, raked through and yanked at it unforgivingly.

And it endured. Our hair just grew. Until it didn’t. . .

We’re here to provide the latest in treatments and information for every hair woe. Realize, it may very well be that for all your efforts you still end up with hair you hate – if it chooses to stick around at all. Nothing works perfectly, nor for everyone. But you have to try. And no matter what, we want you to know you’re wonderful.

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The HTGH Team