Pumpkin Spice Hair – It’s Officially A Thing!

By Olivia |

It had to happen.

Now, to go along with your pumpkin spice coffee, beer, vodka, cake, candles, soap, shampoo, dog treats (wha?!), pasta sauce (double wha?!), and every other new pumpkin spice flavored/scented/colored thing under the sun, hit up your stylist for some pumpkin spice hair.

It’s the latest color trend and it’s gorgeous. Your hair won’t smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove — unless you want it to! — but it will glow with rich copper tones that’s a treat for the eyes.

Scroll down for a few examples of #pumpkinspicehair. (You know something’s for real when it’s got a hashtag.) And don’t forget to thank Starbucks.*

pumpkinhair sofe

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pumpkinhair rehabhair

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pumpkinhair londaprof

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pumpkinhair josephk

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pumpkinhair studiome

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*Some trace — blame? — the start of the pumpkin spice craze to Starbuck’s introduction of the pumpkin spice latte in 2003.

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Hair Loss Breakthrough – Blocking Enzymes In Follicles Makes Hair Grow

By Olivia |

Science Takes a Major Step in Potential Hair Loss Cure

balding womanBlocking certain enzymes in follicles restores hair growth, reveals a new study by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center.

Best of all, these drugs are already on the market and FDA approved.

These drugs inhibit a group of enzymes called Janus kinese or JAK. One, ruxolitinib, is approved for treatment of blood diseases and the other, tofacitinib, for rheumatoid arthritis.

Angela M. Christiano, PhD, and colleagues at Columbia University have been testing these drugs to treat alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own hair follicles believing them to be invaders. This condition can go into remission or, in rare cases, it can spread to the entire scalp or the entire body.

When given internally to mice JAK inhibitors shut off the autoimmune response that attacked hair. But the researches found that applying the drugs topically affected hair follicles dramatically.

“The hair that came in came in beautifully and in a few weeks and very thickly,” Christiano said.

mice hair

Within 3 weeks, mice that had topical ruxolitinib or tofacitinib applied to their right sides had regrown nearly all their hair. In the same timeframe, the control mice (left) had little to no hair growth. – Columbia University Medical Center

JAK enzymes put hair into the telogen or “resting” phase. The inhibitors allow hair to get back into the growth phase.

“Male pattern hair loss follicles are stuck in the same state where these drugs seem to work,” Christiano said.

Because they suppress immune system, it could be risky to administer the drug for a cosmetic issue. But using the drugs topically would be much safer.

Watch Christiano talk about the study and its findings in the video below.

Credits: Columbia University Medical CenterNBC News

While we wait for enzyme blockers for hair to come to market, read up on a readily available hair remedy.

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Men Are Feeling Blue! … And Green And Purple And …

By Olivia |

What Do You Make of The Merman Hair Trend? Is It Terrible or To ‘Dye’ For?

Move over, ladies! Men — or rather, mermen — are taking their seats at salons everywhere to transform their blah blond or brunet locks into vibrant hues straight out of the bottom of the sea … or a Disney cartoon!

Whatever you make of mermen, they’re making a splash with flashy hair color.

blue merman hair pale green beard

Source: TylerDeanKing


red green yellow merman



purple hair green red beard merman

Source: Thomas Bird


turquoise merman

Source: fest300


green merman with curls

Source: imogenrichardss


purple flowers in his beard merman



blue red merman hair and beard


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