HSI Flat Iron – Can it Give Higher Priced Hair Tools a Run For the Money?

By Mandi |

HSI Flat Iron

HSI Flat Iron

Just about everyone wants straight hair – it’s a style that never seems to go out of fashion. For some of us, this look comes naturally. For the rest of us, getting sleek straight hair requires some work. A long-lasting solution is permanent hair straightening, such as a chemical relaxer or Japanese straightening. But an easy no-commitment way is to use a quality styling tool, such as an HSI flat iron.


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HSI Flat Iron

The HSI flat iron fires up in a flash with its quick heat feature, while its solid ceramic plates and coils keep the temperature even, so you can transform your fluffy, frizzy, unruly, curly hair into gorgeous glossy strands. But if you want to give it a little flip or curl, this iron can do that too.

HSI Flat Iron Features:

Pros: The HSI flat iron has many positive attributes, not the least of which is its great price. In many reviews, owners said it measured up to even much more expensive models. The adjustable temperature feature caters to all hair types. And it’s versatile, capable of creating flirty flips and cute curls in addition to sleek straight styles.

Cons: A few HSI flat iron reviewers who said they have exceptionally thick, Asian hair were dissatisfied with its performance. A few others would have liked an automatic shut-off feature. And some said that while they liked that they could adjust the temperature, they wished it showed more than just the high and low temps.

Extras: HSI Flat Iron Stand

You can also get an HSI flat iron stand and holder. Check it out here.

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What is Neem?

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