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She Wraps Her Wet Hair in a T-Shirt and The Result is Amazing

By Tamryn |

Stop Fighting Those Curls. Tame Them While You Sleep!

curlyhairweirdtrickCurly hair is hard to manage. Those twists and turns typically have a mind of their own, taking off in all different directions and making you want to scream. It’s no wonder many of us blessed (?) with curls give up and give in to hair straightening.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard or time-consuming to get the beautiful, bouncy look you desire. Donata, of Primal Beauty Queen, shares her weird trick for taming her curls. Check out her tutorial below.

Of course, you should use hair products suited to your hair type and personal preference. She’s only showing you what she uses. I certainly think the more uniform shape of her curls after the T-shirt trick is an improvement, but IMHO the products make her hair look a bit oily, not a look I’d go for myself. But that’s me. : )

Calling All Curly Girls!

Have you given this t-shirt technique a whirl? Let us know your results by leaving us a comment below.

As always, thanks for reading. If you like what you see, please share!

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We’re Soooo Over The Rainbow Hair – ‘Opal’ Is It!

By Olivia |


Rainbow hair coloring has seen its day, and no wonder! Softer, subtler “opal” hues look amazing!

The rich pastel shades in Instagram user TimeLordChick’s locks (above) are simply stunning.

But the new look is also appearing in toned-down, romantic styles, like Embee.Meche (below).


What do you think of opal-colored hair? Let us know in the comments!


Main image Time_Lord_Chick

Image 2 Embee.Meche


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How to Make Your Curly Hair Look Amazing

By Olivia |

In Just 7 Days!

Curly hair is possibly the most challenging hair type to have. You really never know what you’re going to get.

But you can tame your natural curls and get your best hair ever.

Ready to stop fighting them? Take the 7-Day Challenge!

1. Hair mask
2. Diffuser
3. Cotton T-shirt
4. Apple cider vinegar
5. Baking soda

For seven days you’re going to follow the schedule below.

Before you begin …

Of course, everyone’s curls and hair texture are different, so your mileage may vary. That’s why one of your tasks is to find a curly hair specialist! He or she is the one to consult about issues specific to your hair type.

Avoid using heat stylers which can damage your curl pattern.

Also, ditch hair products that contain detergents or sulfates. These dry out hair and curly hair especially needs moisture to look its best.

Get started!

Read all the details here.

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